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FILDEX® Will Be Exhibiting At 4 Major Shows In 2016

The first show of 2016; Automechanika Jeddah was a huge success for both the organizors and the exhibitors. FILDEX® has managed to draw countless visitors and industry professionals alike to its booth and sown the seeds for fruitful relationships in the rapidly growing Saudi Arabian market. Yet the marathon is far from over. There are 4 other major shows coming up in 2016, and we're excited to partake in each one.

The list of the shows FILDEX® will be exhibiting at is as follows:

FILDEX® enjoyed great success during and after last year’s Dubai and Panama tradeshows, and will be attending the shows again in 2016. Just the 2 aforementioned shows have attracted approximately 80,000 visitors, with a majority of them being industry professionals willing to cultivate new business relationships.

In 2016, in addition to these 2, FILDEX® will also be exhibiting in Frankfurt and Las Vegas. The Frankfurt show needs no introduction, as it is well known that the Germany venue hosts the most important event of the whole Automechanika series. In 2014, the Frankfurt show alone has attracted more than 130,000 visitors,

creating an environment full of opportunities. As an industry-leading brand, Ecobrex will take its place on the exhibition grounds this September.

The last show of 2016 will be the glamorous AAPEX, which is held in Las Vegas every year. Though the dates have not been officially announced as of yet, FILDEX® will be there on the ground, welcoming visitors and industry professionals from mainly the Americas.

Ecobrex and Hardex share a registration portal through which interested parties can confirm attendance for any of the above shows, which can be reached here:

Stay tuned to, and for more information to come!

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