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We always look for new markets in new countries to expand our distribution network. If you believe your company can establish a successful partnership with us, contact us to find out if you are qualified to apply for this opportunity. You can download the application form from here. We offer two types of distribution opportunities:


1. Dealer License: Suitable for smaller companies with minimum annual purchase of $100,000 to $250,000 USD per each product category.


2. Exclusive Distribution License: Suitable for bigger companies with large volume annual purchase to obtain the exclusive right of distribution in a specific country. You should offer your estimated annual purchase amount per each product category. (Applicants must make the offer based on the country population and number of cars)




We are currently looking for more distributors and resellers in following regions:


US (All states)

East Europe


Middle East

Central & South America






Download the Request Form

Dear Applicant:


Thank you for expressing an interest in becoming a distributor for FILDEX® products.


For your convenience, please find the enclosed questionnaire, which after careful consideration, you may wish to fill out and return to our attention along with your trial order.




Sales Department





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